Vi-John Shaving Foam For Sensitive Skin With Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E & Bacti Guard Formula Skin 400 GM (Pack Of 3 - 1200 GM)

Rs. 560.00 Rs. 660.00

Tired of having beard shaving issues because of sensitive skin? Vi-john brings to you the best shave foam for men’s grooming for all your shaving woes! Vi-john shaving foam – sensitive skin is a relief to all the guys with skin rashes, and irritation troubles. The foam gently creates a velvety lather that makes the shaving razor slide smooth and easy. The foam comes with the goodness of Vitamin E which provides nourishment to the skin. It also contains tea tree oil that has antibacterial properties helping the skin to stay healthy. Sensitive skin has specific problems that cannot be fought with general creams or solutions. That is why Vi-john shaving foam–sensitive skin is created with exclusive ingredients to make it suitable for such skin. So now enjoy blemish-free skin with our best shaving foam that looks young and radiant.

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