Vi-John Women Feather Touch 3 Mins Formula Hair Removal Cream Cucumber & Aloevera 40GM (Tube)

Rs. 90.00 Rs. 175.00
We understand the pain of going through those hair removal sessions over and again! That’s why here’s the ultimate body hair removal solution from Vi-john. The Feather touch hair removal cream – Cucumber & Aloe vera is a specially designed hair removal cream that not only helps in getting rid of that unwanted body hair but also helps to keep the skin smooth and moisturized after the hair removal, it works like magic in no time only 3 min formula. Yes, Feather touch hair removal cream – Cucumber & Aloe vera as the active ingredient that keeps the skin soft and supple after the hair removal. So, no skin redness due to waxing or those blade cuts from razors, apply feather touch hair removal cream and enjoy good skin every day!

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