Vi-John Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream Pack Of 5, Rose 40 GM, Sandal 40 GM, Honey 40 GM, Lime 40 GM, Haldi Chandan 40 GM( 200 GM Set Of 5)

Rs. 499.00 Rs. 875.00

Can’t stand the waxing pain? Vi-john presents the smartest body hair solution with a feather touch hair removal cream for women. The Feather touch hair removal cream – rose & aloe vera brings a unique combination of rose and aloe vera that creates a formula to keep the skin super smooth and soft. The Feather touch lime & aloe vera is a specially designed hair removal cream that not only helps in getting rid of that unwanted body hair but also helps to keep the skin smooth and moisturized after the hair removal, it works like magic in no time only 3 min formula. The cucumber & aloe vera hair removal cream produces a unique combination that moisturizes the skin and keeps it smooth. With just one stroke, the creams remove unwanted body hair without causing any side effects.
The feather touch hair removal cream – haldi & Chandan gives a feather-like hair removal experience. Moreover, the haldi and Chandan deeply moisturize the skin and leave a smooth and supple experience. Saffron and Honey hair removal cream is specially designed to give you fast and effective hair removal sessions without any damage to the skin. Due to the presence of saffron, the cream also adds fairness to the skin, making it radiant.

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