VI-JOHN WOMEN Feather Touch Multi Purpose Facial Razor For Instant & Painless Hair Removal

Rs. 299.00

Meet Vi-John Feather Touch, an innovative, multipurpose razor set to revolutionize your beauty routine. This hair removal razor is designed specifically for women, sparing you the discomfort of traditional hair removal methods. 

  • Upper Lip Trim:Our multipurpose hair removal razor glides smoothly over your skin, giving you a perfect shave without irritating your sensitive upper lip area.
  • Chin: You can use this as a face razor, perfect for removing fine chin hair with precision.
  • Bikini Line Trim: It also functions as a bikini razor. It offers a neat, painless shave, keeping your bikini line flawlessly smooth.
  • Trim your eyebrows: Our multipurpose razor can function as an eyebrow  trimmer and effortlessly trim away fine hair, leaving your skin silky and clean.

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